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5 Best Offline Android Games To Play Without The Internet

Although it may involve a huge download, the storyline, and graphics of the series are always worth it. A powerful magician has stolen all the fruits from the mighty Fruity forest to become immortal. You are Addu and your task is to go on an adventure with your loyal pet Bullion to get all the fruits back and defeat the magician. This award-winning game takes you across a magical land in an adventurous journey. Adventure is the key ingredient that we look for when choosing to play a game in our free time. Listed below are the best adventure games that you can play offline on your Android device.

The game uses an upgraded version of the Infinity Gaming Engine which further enhances the gaming experience. You can master more than 40 powers and also design your own Lightsaber. If you want to explore popular locations from the Star Wars universe, like Tatooine and Wookiee homeworld, you can do that too. The game is set on the premise that humans have come close to getting eternal life, making them the enemy of both angels and devils.

No Wifi Action Games To Play

The higher levels you attain, the more rewards you get for destroying monsters. You can enhance your character and weapons with these rewards and enjoy the full capacity of the sportspies game. Role-playing games add an aura of mystery and adventure to your gaming hour. Check out these best offline role-playing games for your mobile that will blow your mind.

Cover Fire: Offline Shooting

Easy to play offline on your mobile, this game will ensure you don’t have a boring moment. Battle challenges and builds your own kingdom, all the while advancing in the game. You will get the avatar of a monster hunter and fulfill prophecies to defeat the enemies in this alternate reality game. From Notre Dame to dungeons in Transylvania, explore the entire Europe in Iron Blade. This offline game has great graphics and lets you enjoy it even when you have slow or no internet. It is the sequel of Alto’s Adventure but works as a standalone game.

But for dizzying speed, mid-air barrel rolls, and loads of laughs, this racer is tough to beat. Not one for the simulation crowd, then, but this racer is perfect for everyone else. The larger-than-life branched courses – hyper-real takes on real-world locations healingartsbyamethyst – are madcap and exciting. Rather than doing laps around a boring circuit surrounded by gravel traps, you blast through rocket launch sites and blaze through volcanos. In the 1990s, this was shocking to the point of Carmageddon being banned in some countries.

You also get hints, auto-check, and highlights of duplicates in this game. Get unique challenges and trophies every day and also add notes to help make it easier to remember points. Your best time and other achievements are also recorded in this game, as well as offering unlimited Undo options to rectify mistakes. Sudoku is the perfect game to improve concentration, reasoning and intellect. And this Sudoku game is for both beginners and advanced players.

You are the manager of your team and can work hard to get yourself promoted to higher leagues. Experience new stadiums and take care of cumulative stats for an assured win. Play in offline mode and ensure you have a constructive downtime. Infinity Loop is a relaxing and fun puzzle game consisting of 2 modes. In the first mode, you have to change the orientation of the objects on the screen and align them into a single closed loop.

Also, this fun blast offers exceptional attractions naming Bonnie Bowl, Monty Golf, Roxy Raceway, and the sewers, Of course, with endless goodies to enjoy. You play as Gregory, who gets trapped overnight at the beginning of the game. Animatronics prowl the streets and relentlessly pursue all intruders at night. You can get to explore a vibrant and stunning open world set against the harsh background of England during the Dark Ages. In order to win a seat among the gods in Valhalla, you must raid your enemies, expand your settlement, and increase your political influence. If you don’t have the time to play sports outside, these sports games can keep you engaged and entertained at home.

Kuro, the game’s protagonist, is on a dangerous quest to become the Shadow Blade, an expert ninja. He goes on a journey to learn the techniques from the last remaining ninja master in the world. On his way, he comes across many traps, enemies, and challenges.

Modern Critical Warfare

It is now time to start with the best Role Playing games on Android that doesn’t require an internet connection. This is a rogue-like game with pixel graphics, which will remind you of your childhood days and classic video games of that era. If complex games and too many graphics have made you tired, this game will be a great refresher for you. This turn-based combat game lets you choose a character, bloodline, and challenge. In survival mode, the objective would be to craft weapons and armor to fend off mob threats.

There are primary and side quests in this game, and also mini-games to give you an easy time from the intense action. Collect the loot to upgrade your weapons and get ready for the final battle. This is a single-player game designed to challenge your battle skills and give you the thrill of adventure. You have to understand the scheme of things and battle to save the future. Some characters in the game are Silver Phantom, Ice Crystal, and Flame Warlock.


The best thing about this game is that it has no ads in between. You have to fight with zombies and bosses as well as explore hidden elements in each stage. The graphics are superb and keep your attention engaged in the game.

For fans of Star Wars, there is nothing better than this offline game. In this role-playing adventure, you are the last hope of the Jedis who have united against the Sith. You can also choose sides and decide to go with or against the Force.

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